ImagineASchool offers a series of comprehensive courses online and offline recognized in all states. Our online programs and courses are taught by experienced instructors in our award-winning infrastructure. Awarded as one of the most convenient and effective training facilities with tuition assistance to help you get started, what you will earn is career and not a mere degree.


We also offer Therapeutic Day School model for children with Bipolar and/or ADHD disorder. As is the case with any model for therapy, success at AHS depends on the family’s involvement…total involvement. Plan for each child/family is molded, based on the guidelines of the method and need. By following the guidelines set forth for each child, success is inevitable.


ImagineASchool “Academy of Digital Arts” is an institution with a wide perspective. To meet the creative needs of the modern era we provide an IT based training with a purpose in an excellent working environment, to fulfill our social obligations in the most responsible manner. Our students are aspiring designers with a creative sense who want to be among the future design lords.

ImagineASchool ARTS CENTER

ImagineASchool believes that the arts are part of overall education. ImagineASchool is known for our programs in visual arts, dance, music and theater, and have state-of-the-art facilities to support arts education.


Want to practice your ballet, tap, and jazz? ImagineASchool ...


The strong reputation of the Drama Department at ImagineASchool ...


To offer Intermediate Piano and Advanced Piano lessons with ...

Visual Arts

If drawing, painting or design is your thing, or ...

Online Art Gallery

ImagineASchool helps young art enthusiast to use their potential ...

Arts Show

ImagineASchool recently presented “Walking the Lane” AN INTERNATIONAL ARTS ...


At ImagineASchool, no one person is superior but all. This is the atmosphere the famous lecturers have believed and practiced and pledge to do so in the future.

Our students are treated with respect and honor in a friendly environment from the inception of their course, making each of them feel important.

The staffs are a dedicated lot, with a passion towards providing a quality education and service for our students. We concentrate on maintaining their enthusiasm by constant motivational skills training.

The fact that both students and lecturers are creative people and are bound by the same passion, no lecturer is addressed by his or her last name but their first names making them equal & as a group working towards educating & implementing the creative insight of each person.

We believe in life long relationships with every one who walks in and out of the Academy, so we keep in touch as friends and they are always welcome to contact the staff individually for advice or help in their future endeavors.


In the last one decade, we have grown by leaps and bounds. Number never lies


Strong Alumni




Hours A Day




You should read the shouts given by some of our students


Transformation through the therapeutic process. Perhaps it can not be overstated that the transformative power of our power begins with teaching students how to be in healthy relationship with others.


At ImagineASchool, our staff has witnessed many seemingly hopeless situations improve dramatically each year. If you are reading this, you may be at
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If your child senses that you are not willing to change and that you are not committed to this process, how committed
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Therapeutic Process

We integrate the therapeutic process with every aspect of our school. The therapeutic relationship is a special one in which trust elicits open
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At last, your child is in a safe and supportive environment. The energy that once consumed the good in your child is
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It is always the cover up rather than the event that causes trouble

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At last, your child is in a safe and supportive environment. The energy that once consumed the good in your child is now channeled into positive academic and creative endeavors.


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